Please send us a description of the property (name of the artist, title of the work, size, technique, year created, exhibition history, condition) and other details available, along with an image (photograph)of the property by post or by e-mail. We will make a provisional appraisal based on the information that you provide.

連同清晰高畫質的作品照片,同時也請盡量提供與作品相關的所有已知訊息,包含作家名、作品名、大小、製作技法、製作年、出版物記載記録,展覧会經歴、購藏來源,作品保存状況等. SBI藝術拍賣的服務同仁将依照所提供的資訊進行初步估價.

For further information, please contact us at
Tel: 03-3527-6692 Fax: 03-3529-0777
E-mail: artauction@sbigroup.co.jp

If you agree to the provisional appraised price that we have indicated, please either send the property to us or deliver it to us in person.
If you have a large number of properties or a property that would be difficult to ship, please consult us for separate instructions.

確認SBI藝術拍賣提出的估價可以接受之後,再與敝公司同仁協調要如何將作品寄來或親自攜帶. 一次性的大量作品可能會難以寄送,請務必事先與SBI藝術拍賣公司同仁溝通.

Once we have received the actual property, we will appraise it, set the expected bidding price (estimate) and determine the minimum selling price (reserve price) that is agreeable to you.

參考上述估價的結果,與藏家溝通獲得共識後,設定完成欲上拍作品的最低底價(RESERVE PRICE)

If you are submitting a property for the first time, please fill out a Customer Registration Form after agreeing to our SBI Individual Information Protection Policy, and provide personal identification documents.


Before the auction is held, we will send you a Consignment Contract containing the final agreement (reserve price, exhibition fees, special provisions), and conclude the Contract.Catalogue listing fee: 1 page ¥20,000 (2 pages ¥30,000)



6ご決済のお支払い 7不落札の場合
As soon as payment by the successful bidder has been confirmed, we will send you a Payment Statement.Subsequently, within 35 days after the auction, we will remit by wire transfer an amount equal to the hammer price less a commission and any agreed-upon expenses to a bank account that you designate. If payment by the successful bidder is delayed or if the successful bidder fails to pay, we will deal with it according to our auction agreement.

Properties that are not sold during the auction are held an additional week for the After Sale period, as long as there are no particular offers, and if a prospective buyer appears, we will communicate the conditions that the prospective buyer indicates to you and conduct negotiations. Properties that are not sold during the After Sale period will be returned to you within 14 days after the day of the later. You may come to pick up the property or have us ship it to you or have us hold it to be submitted to later auction, as you prefer. You will be responsible for any packing and shipping fees for any properties that we send back to you on a C.O.D. basis.

若發生作品不落槌的情況,在拍賣會後一週内ADTER SALE的期間,如果有潛在買家出現,敝公司會主動進行協調雙方的條件媒合.倘若作品最終仍沒有售出,敝公司會安排於14天之内歸還給藏家.歸還方式視藏家意願可採寄還或親來敝公司自取.寄送運費由藏家自行負擔.

From the time that the property arrives at our company until rights of ownership are transferred to the buyer, you as the owner are responsible for insuring the property. We charge a damage insurance premium (0.15% of the lower limit of the estimate), which executes a separate contract with a non-life insurance company.
Note, however, that there is no coverage for earthquakes, typhoons or later naturaldisasters. We recommend thatextremely valuable properties be insured according to the seller’s own insurance terms and conditions.



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